Bob Dylan Sells Chrysler at Super Bowl

This certainly sparked some response on both sides of the fence.  There were the hard-line fans who cringed and screamed how he sold out to corporate America, the same powers he railed against for years with his music. There were others more sympathetic who said let him do what he wants.  He doesn’t need the money but when they dangle it in front of you like that you might as well take it. There was another group of those who probably didn’t really notice the commercial but since it made such a stink will go back and review it out of curiosity.  They’ll argue that they don’t see what the big deal is.  Meanwhile, they watched the commercial. The winner?  Chrysler.  They hit the proverbial nail on the head in the world of marketing.  Is it really that important which celebrity they got to taut their product?  Well, there were requirements that Bob Dylan met.  Well known to the boomers and just controversial enough to stir up the kind of excitement they are getting.  I’m no fan of corporate America but Chrysler nailed it, in my humble opinion.